What is the right length for a necklace?

If you are choosing a necklace and not sure what is the right length for your necklace you will find here some information.

up to 40 cm: The choker; is the most classic chain and closely around the neck. If no other jewel accentuates a choker neck and jaw line. That is precisely why it is the accessory to a classy evening dress or the perfect choice for bridal jewelry. Especially for strapless dresses recommended! The jewel is just before or at the collarbone.

40 to 45 cm: Princess chain; The length is up to the collarbone and is very pretty with a slender neck. Any pendant comes on the sternum. State very nice in a blouse or slightly lower cut neckline.

46 to 60 cm: Matinée chain; This size chain falls to above the bust. It has a length in many women, regardless of the neck, very good condition. A nice choice for a business or formal outfit. A matinee necklace accentuates beautiful cleavage. Again, a pendant or charm a nice addition.

61 to 82 cm: Opera chain; The nice thing about this necklace length it can vary in the way of carrying. Just around the neck looks "sophisticated" out, and perfect for a round neck or turtleneck.

from 82 cm: Rope Chain; comes to at or below the navel. This exclusive ultra-long size is both classy and sexy and eye-catcher par excellence.


Of course the length of your necklace is determind by your personal taste and style. 

Nowadays a short necklace (choker) is back as a trend. 

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