Small tiny gold hoop with diamonds

Hoops are back! You will find them in every size from small to really big. They are a classic item in your jewelry box. A new trend is that you can wear two or three hoops in one ear which gives an extra sparkle to your outfit.

I love these classic stunners and created myself these tiny but sturdy hoops. They are around 13mm round and curl around your earlobe. And to give them a festive look I added 11 small briljant cut diamonds (0,11crt). 

Normally these diamonds are set in a classic pavement style but I opted for a fishtail setting. In this way you can see more of the diamond so the diamonds sparkle even more.

You can wear only one hoop or two in each earlobe. One with diamonds and one without. It's nice to play with them. 

The next hoop I will make with small emeralds. Another favourite gemstone of mine.


floor wetemans