Creativity and Craftsmanship

Floor Wetemans is an Antwerp based jewelry designer. Graduated from Antwerps Royal Academy of Fine Arts, she has started up her studio with the aim to develop small collections and bespoke pieces.

She designs captivating jewelry and graceful, feminine pieces for modern, elegant women.

All jewelry is handmade with attention. This is an intensive and time captivating process and therefore she does not work with a huge stock. 

I want to make pieces that are easily wearable from day to evening.

The deliberate absence of a retail network ensures you can enjoy an understated exclusivity and personal attention that has been largely lost in today’s mass production society.

She received awards from the jewelry industry including the Wim Ibens Prize for product development and innovation and a finalist place at the International Diamond High Council Award.

Currently residing in Antwerp city, Floor believes the best things in life are unique, made by hand, and meant to be cherished by generations to come.



Although a piece of jewelry might be the smallest item in your wardrobe, it is always the most telling one.